Refund and Returns Policy


If you feel unsatisfied with a product or simply change your mind about buying it, it is possible to return it. You can return the goods within 14 days of receipt. What conditions do you have to meet before returning contact lenses to us?

1. First contact our office (link to the form) in order to register your request and receive a return label.

2. In order to receive a full refund, the contact lenses and their original packaging have to be unopened, undamaged and cannot be destroyed in any way (including the text on the packaging). The contact lenses should be suitable for reselling.

3. Send the package using the return label received by e-mail.

4. You will get your refund as soon as possible. The refund transfer is made automatically, as soon as the return parcel reaches our company. The payment will be returned to the exact same payment instrument used to make the payment earlier. You may also specify a different bank account for the refund.

5. Lenses can also be exchanged for different ones. The lenses being exchanged should also be unopened, unused and undamaged. You can arrange everything with our customer service employee during an e-mail discussion.

6. In the event of any questions, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you with any topic, at any time of day or night.


You received a different product from what you ordered, the quantity is incorrect or you suspect that the received lenses are defective? We apologize right now. In the event of any problems with your order, you should contact our customer service and file a complaint or a notice. We consider the complaint within 14 days of its notification. The condition for a successful complaint are as follows:

1. If you suspect that the received lenses are defective, you need to keep their original packaging together with full contents. We will ask you to send them back. The cardboard box and the blister packaging together with the lenses are sent back to the manufacturers for the purposes of official quality control. The LOT numbers of products are printed on these packages, and this information is essential for the manufacturers to be able to inspect all defects. 

2. In case of the manufacturer approving a complaint, we will refund you the entire amount or send you a new package of lenses free of charge.

3. If we have sent you a wrong package of lenses or in wrong quantity, report this situation to us within 7 days from receiving the package. We will make our best effort to compensate you for this mistake in a satisfying manner. We kindly ask you to not open and not use incorrectly sent products – this would make a full refund impossible.

4. We ask you to carefully and diligently pack the return parcels for transport, and to secure them in a way that makes potential damages in transportation impossible.

5. Initially, the costs of delivery containing defective lenses are covered by the buyer. In case of the manufacturing finding a defect, the money for transporting the package will be returned to the bank account provided (based on receipt/invoice – proof of sending the parcel).

6. We will gladly address any doubts and questions over telephone or via e-mail. We’re here to help.