Acuvue Oasys For Astigmatism 12 contact lenses

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Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson
If you need other parameters of lenses for the second eye, buy two of the same boxes and write the correct parameters to us in the order summary!


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Non-prescription contact lenses.

ACUVUE OASYS for ASTIGMATISM features a unique BLINK STABILIZED lens design that actively helps correct astigmatism with great stability regardless of the power of natural eyelid movements, physical activity and head movements. Just like their regular, spherical version Acuvue Oasys, Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism contact lenses utilize HYDRACLEAR®PLUS technology which embeds tear-like molecules. They mimic the mucins found in the tear film to help maintain a stable tear film. Your eyes can be healthy and hydrated all the time.  Give them incredible comfort and clear, crisp vision. Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism contacts also have one of the highest UV protection ratios available in a toric lens (block out at least 96% of the UVA and more than 99% of UVB rays).
These lenses can be worn daily for 2 weeks or continuously for up to 6 nights and 7 days, after which they need to be replaced with a fresh pair of lenses. You can choose yourself which option will be more convenient for you.

Order contact lenses without the exact prescription. Choose the same brand, type and parameters as last time.

1. You will forget you have them
– they have relatively low modulus (index of the “stiffness” of a material) and low coefficient of friction compared to other silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

2. Decide yourself – you can sleep in the lenses for 6 nights (1 week) or use daily for 2 weeks.

3. Experience the combination of two technologies – unbelievable wearing comfort for long periods of time. 

4. Don’t worry about time spent outside – they have one of the highest levels of UV protection available.


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3 reviews for Acuvue Oasys For Astigmatism 12 contact lenses

  1. Bobby

    Before them, I had used Clariti Toric for a long time, but their quality of vision
    towards the end of the "lens lifetime" was noticeably worse and it would make my
    eyes very dry (waking up after falling asleep with the lenses on even for 2h was
    painful). Here these problems just aren’t present. The lenses are soft, which is a
    little bothersome when taking them off, they have a tendency to roll up. But when
    actually wearing them, you don’t feel them at all. After accidentally sleeping through
    the night, I was confused in the morning because I didn’t feel any discomfort,
    instead my vision was suspiciously good ;).

  2. Jazmin

    I have tested different types of lenses (Ciba, Cooper Vision, Bauch & Lomb) and as
    for me, Acuvue are definitely the best. They are very flexible, which makes them
    settle on the eye and fit well, while on the other hand it is also a minor downside, as
    they have a tendency to curl up and roll up during cleaning. Nevertheless, the
    convenience of wearing definitely eclipses all the minor shortcomings.

  3. Denise

    Very durable, soft and comfortable lenses. After many hours of wearing you don’t
    feel you’re wearing them at all. Another huge upside is their high water content,
    which means that after removing the lenses the eyes aren’t dry, which unfortunately
    has happened before while wearing different contact lenses. Highly recommended.

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