Biotrue Oneday For Presbyopia 90

75.00$ per box

Manufacturer: BAUSCH AND LOMB
If you need other parameters of lenses for the second eye, buy two of the same boxes and write the correct parameters to us in the order summary!
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Biotrue OneDay for Presbyopia are multifocal contact lenses from the Bausch and Lomb company, intended for those suffering from presbyopia. Presbyopia is a sight defect also called old eyes that is caused by the natural aging process, and its first symptoms start appearing around the age of 40. Presbyopia is sometimes defined as blurry vision of objects located in close proximity.

The Biotrue lenses provide an effective solution for vision correction for all distances. Their special, three-zone structure utilizes the eye’s natural properties when focusing on objects at long, short and medium distances.


1. Inspired by the biology of human eye – the material the lenses were made of has the ability to mimic the lipid layer of the tear film. This means that with every blink, your eyes receive another dose of hydration and even by the end of the day they will still be hydrated and relaxed.

2. HyperGel (Nesofilcon A) also ensures high oxygen permeability. Irritated, dry and red eyes will become a thing of the past.

3. Protection from UV radiation – with the Biotrue OneDay lenses, your eyes are also adequately protected from the harmful influence of sun rays, thanks to the modern UVA/UVB filters.

4. One hundred percent freshness every day. Throw the old pair away in the evening, and take the new ones next morning.

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