Clariti 1 Day Multifocal 30 contact lenses

49.50$ per box

Manufacturer: CooperVision
If you need other parameters of lenses for the second eye, buy two of the same boxes and write the correct parameters to us in the order summary!


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Contact lenses without a prescription.


Clariti 1 Day Multifocal are multifocal daily lenses manufactured by CooperVision. They were designed for those who suffer from presbyopia, or old eyes. They ensure sharp vision no matter what proximity – at short, medium and long distances. Just like their basic version – Clariti 1 Day were made out of a silicone hydrogel material, which makes them a healthier alternative to daily hydrogel lenses, as they allow for a higher oxygen flow to the cornea than hydrogel lenses.

The AquaGen technology – it guarantees top quality hydrating properties, which allows the lenses to remain hydrated for as long as over a dozen hours from the moment of application and eliminate the problem of dry, irritated eyes.



1. Check out the WetLoc™ technology, which attracts and binds water molecules on its surface in a natural manner, so that the eyes can remain hydrated, ensuring comfort for the entire day.

2. See clearly no matter what lighting conditions – the thin edges and aspherical back surface reduce the optical aberration and ensure seamless transition when changing the lighting and brightness of the surroundings.

3. Look better – the lenses are characterized by high “breathability” level, which allows oxygen to reach the cornea and makes the eyes whiter, healthier, more expressive and relaxed!

4. Don’t waste your time on cleaning and maintenance of lenses – throw away the old pair in the evening and put on new lenses straight out of the package in the morning. No additional care.



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