FreshLook Illuminate 30

67.00$ per box

Manufacturer: Alcon (Ciba Vision)
If you need other parameters of lenses for the second eye, buy two of the same boxes and write the correct parameters to us in the order summary!
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FreshLook Illuminate are daily colored lenses from Alcon Vision Care. The lenses have a dark ring applied to their perimeter that makes the eyes look bigger.
The Jet Black color is recommended for highlighting the beauty of dark irises, whereas Rich Brown for the fairer ones.
The lenses don’t replace your eye color, they just subtly highlight the natural color, making it more saturated and enriched with a beautiful glow.



1. AquaComfort system – the lens hydrating properties get activated with each blink of the eyelid, which means that when you choose to use them, you can be sure that your eyes will be adequately hydrated throughout the day.

2. The LightStream technology ensures reproducibility of lens parameters, it also makes the lens thin and with smooth edges, which improves the comfort of wear.

3. Daily replacement mode – the described lenses don’t require daily care using a liquid.

4. Shopping at your fingertips – you can finalize the transaction on your computer, without having to visit an optician.
You can buy a selected model of lenses at any quantity. Choose the same parameters as the last time. All for your convenience.



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