Air Optix Aqua Multifocal 6 contact lenses

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Manufacturer: Alcon (Ciba Vision)
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No prescription needed.

The Air Optix Aqua Multifocal contact lenses ensure comfort of wearing and correction of presbyopia, or the so-called old eyes, which mainly affects people over the age of 40. The lenses were designed to ensure the best possible seeing at any distance – with no shadows and no reflections. You don’t have to replace them when the distance from an object or text ahead of you changes. What makes the Air Optix® Aqua Multifocal lenses stand out against competitive hydrogel progressive lenses is offering up to 7x higher oxygen permeability. This contributes to a significant increase in the level of comfort experienced when using the lenses. On top of that, the risk of corneal hypoxia in the event of falling asleep with them has been eliminated. This model also incorporates the AQUA hydrating system, which decreases friction and helps retain water, thus significantly increasing the comfort of wearing the lenses.


1. Say goodbye to the feeling of being restrained – your hand will no longer be too short for you to read a label or a text message. You will easily see everything from short, medium and long distances.

2. Check out how comfortable they are to apply – the lenses have been designed with a marker that makes them easier to apply in form of a light-blue coloring on one side of a lens. 

3. When needed, use the extended wear schedule – you can use them for up to 7 days and 6 nights continuously.


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3 reviews for Air Optix Aqua Multifocal 6 contact lenses

  1. Logan

    This is actually my first time wearing these lenses. I decided to give them a try because they had a promotion for them and before that I had used the classic Air Optix which are my favorite lenses. I wasn’t disappointed. The comfort of wearing is a huuge upside. The eyes don’t even get tired nor watery nor “foggy”. Even after many hours of use. The lenses themselves are very delicate. So far, I recommend them.

  2. Emilyy

    Very very goood

  3. Oliver

    Great product, I’ve been using it for more than two years. My eyes are hydrated all the time and don’t get bothered even by longer wearing time. When wearing them all day, I don’t feel discomfort nor the foreign object sensation. Once you get the hang of it, they are easy to put on and take off. It is brilliant for new lens users.

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