Air Optix Night and Day 6 contact lenses

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Manufacturer: Alcon (Ciba Vision)
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Non-prescription contact lenses.

Air Optix Night & Day AQUA contacts are monthly disposable lenses that can be worn daily or continuously for up to 30 nights.
You can wear them even when sleeping.  These innovative contact lenses are made of a highly breathable silicone hydrogel material called Lotrafilcon A, which permits plenty of oxygen to flow continuously through the lens for healthy, well-rested and good-looking eyes. A high oxygen permeability allows moisture and breathability to reach the cornea, even when the eye is closed.

Air Optix Night & Day AQUA contacts feature the unique SmartShield® technology, which creates an ultra-thin protective layer of moisture to provide protection for the lens from irritating lipids and deposits all month long. SmartShield technology is able to let tears spread evenly over the lens, thereby providing moisture retention. This means that lenses stay comfortable, day in and day out.


1. Fall asleep freely – they are ideal for people who always forget to remove their contacts after a long day, often take naps or accidentally fall asleep in their contacts.

2. Stay comfortable through several nights of wear thanks to the combination of  silicone hydrogel material and SmartShield technology.

3. Do not waste time – these lenses will be perfect for people with a dynamic lifestyle. 

4. Enjoy the simple application – the handling tint will certainly help with it.


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4 reviews for Air Optix Night and Day 6 contact lenses

  1. Mary

    The best lenses that I’ve worn so far. I didn’t have the slightest problems with wearing them regularly for 30 days, night and day, the eyes didn’t get dry at all. Now I only wear them during the day and other lenses for everyday wear just can’t compare. In all the other ones, after 3-4 hours at best the problem of dry eyes would start, no drops could help for that. As for these lenses, I wear them all day, I spend at least 8-10 hours at the computer and I pretty much forget I am wearing lenses.

  2. Alexx

    Very good lenses, I’ve been using them for years and my eye doctor is surprised with the good condition of my eyes. I clean them everyday including rubbing and then take them off for the night, but unlike other lenses, even when I fall asleep with them, there is no discomfort in the morning, maybe sometimes a moment of mild lacrimation. These are perfect if we have worn glasses for a long time or can’t always take them off. As for wearing them for 30 days without taking them off to clean (as advertised by the manufacturer) I’m a little skeptical, this is certainly not healthy.

  3. darling.xo.xo

    The lenses are comfortable to wear everyday and sleep with them, you don’t feel them at all.

  4. Thomas

    As for me, the lenses are okay. I’ve been buying them for a long time and they meet my expectations. They don’t irritate even when used for more than a dozen hours. 😉

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