Biofinity contact lenses 6

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Manufacturer: CooperVision
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Contact lenses without a prescription.

Biofinity®  are spherical, 24-hour silicone hydrogel contact lenses with a monthly replacement schedule, from a renowned lens manufacturer – Cooper Vision. Created for busy users who are looking for an incredibly convenient and comfortable solution.  They were manufactured out of a modern material with unmatched wettability of 48% and unprecedented structure of the lens edge glass itself, which causes all impurities to wash down with tears, which means that all-day use of the Biofinity lenses doesn’t cause eye fatigue or a sensation of discomfort.


1. The Aquaform® technology ensures high oxygen permeability and is responsible for proper, uniform lens hydration – this kind of combination leaves the lenses soft, wet and flexible.

2. Wyjątkowo długi okres użytkowania bez szczególnej pielęgnacji – do 30 dni na jedną parę w sposób ciągły, bez zdejmowania ich na noc i bez konieczności dodatkowej pielęgnacji specjalistycznym płynem.

3. Biofinity® posiadają gładkie, zaokrąglone krawędzie, które pozytywnie wpływają na odczuwany komfort, co sprawia, że ​​soczewki są prawie niezauważalne na oczach.


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6 reviews for Biofinity contact lenses 6

  1. Tom


  2. Catarina

    I’ve worn them for a few years. Very good lenses, especially the workmanship and
    hydration. I recommend them. You won’t find anything better for this price.

  3. Michael

    For nearly a year I’ve been using the monthly Biofinity Cooper Vision lenses, before
    that I had used Bausch Lomb for more than 7 years, I think it was 59 or 39. I have
    to admit, though, that Biofinity are better, especially when it comes to hydration,
    they retain their properties for longer during long-term use. In the situations where
    it’s winter, autumn which means wind and snow, Cooper Vision retain their
    properties, in case of Bausch the image would get blurry, likely due to lower lens
    hydration, it didn’t stick to the eye so well.

  4. Gregory

    The best monthly lenses, I wear them all month without breaks, and sometimes
    even longer. They are comfortable, don’t slide off, don’t get foggy (even during the
    night). Recommendable lenses for those who have problems with putting lenses on
    and taking them off everyday and are looking for comfortable all-day lenses. When
    used with a lens liquid instead of eye drops – such treatment ensures comfort of
    wearing for more than a month 🙂

  5. Leslie

    Very good lenses. I use them because they have a very good hydration, which
    makes them suitable for long hours of working at the computer. There is no fog in
    front of the eyes. They also have a very high oxygen permeability, which makes
    them suitable for extended wear. I recommend them. Before them, I had used the
    PureVision 2 HD lenses and they would dry out very fast while in front of the
    computer, making me see fog, even the Biotrue liquid couldn’t help.

  6. Sarah

    I have tried different contact lenses, but in the end I chose Biofinity, mainly because
    I can wear them all day long, over a dozen hours at a time and they don’t get foggy
    even during long hours of working at the computer. They can be worn for a whole
    month without removing them, but I take them off for the night. These lenses have a
    high oxygen permeability and high hydration, they can’t be felt on the eyes, they
    don’t make the eyes bloodshot, they don’t dry, they are resistant to residue, they
    don’t get sticky while removing them and are durable.

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