FreshLook Dimensions 6

73.00$ per box

Manufacturer: Alcon (Ciba Vision)
If you need other parameters of lenses for the second eye, buy two of the same boxes and write the correct parameters to us in the order summary!
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Freshlook Dimensions are innovative monthly contact lenses that clearly enhance the natural iris color in people with bright eyes.
They are available in 3 colors: Pacific Blue, Carribean Aqua and Sea Green. Your eyes will appear bigger and clearer, and the colorless area within your pupil will add an endless depth to them. They are made out of the modern Phemfilcon A material that is characterized by high water content of 55%. Phemofilcon A will take care of keeping your eyes hydrated and healthy. Forget about irritations. The maintenance of these lenses is the same as with colorless lenses.


1. Natural beauty highlighted – give yourself an expressive gaze.

2. They are intended for people with myopia (minus power) or hyperopia (plus power).

3. Large packaging – 6 pieces of lenses can last for 90 days of regular use.

4. Cost effectiveness – the lenses are a product for monthly use, which means that you can use a single pair for as long as 30 days. The only thing you have to take care of during that time is adequate care using a specialized liquid.


All of our lenses are available without any prescription.


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